Our Products

A complete mix of disposable daily products for the retailing market and for home.
Advantages of being a master distributor
  • International Distribution Center
    International Distribution Center
    Certified factories in Brazil, China, India, Vietnam and the USA, which enable the global distribution of Billa products.
  • Secure Supply
    Secure Supply
    Complete supply of the products through DCs in Shanghai (CN) and Joinville (BR). Daily follow-up to meet the market’s requirements.
  • Sales and Marketing Support
    Sales and Marketing Support
    Periodic field visits, sales team training, constant guidance and co-participation in marketing actions.
  • Continuous Investment
    Continuous Investment
    Brand image and packaging constantly updated following market trends, to visually delight the shelves in supermarkets, homes or the Food Service channel.
  • Complete mix of Products
    Complete mix of Products
    Products studied to be innovative, bringing diferencial and market value to them, responding to the needs of the market and seeking to generate new needs with a unique and increasing mix.
  • National Exclusivity
    National Exclusivity
    The master distributor is Billa’s official representative in their country, respondible for the importation, for all sales channels and for the expansion of the brand to a national range, with the support and constant supervision of Billa Global.